Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Family Secrets

I had been anxiously waiting to watch this episode on Oprah today and it did not disappoint. WOW is all I can say! Did anyone else watch? May have to go out tonight to get the book!!!!


Lisa Anne

Is this the woman who had sex with her father and then aborted her baby and he father shot her up in the arm with cocaine, however he missed the vein and her arm went numb? I think I read about it on Usmagazine or one of those celebrity web pages.

Twice as Nice

I watched Oprah this morning. I was quite surprised. No wonder she has had a drug problem all these years. Valerie Bertinelli was on at the end. I know Mackenzie is a bit older than Valerie but she looks a lot older. The drugs have taken their toll. I wish her the best. I want to get her book too.

Rebecca Jo

my mind cant even wrap around her life... what a hard life she's had... takes courage to admit your flaws & failures to everyone though.

Erica dlg Lopez

didn't see it, but heard it on Oprah radio this morning. i don't know if it's even true, apparently now people are saying she made it up and her dad is dead so no idea how they're gonna disprove her side. She was also on Dr. Bermann's radio show about sex & it was sooo good too.


I missed her on Oprah but saw her on the Today show. If you get the book, let us know if it's good.