Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye --Remember Boys II Men!!!

I hope that Boys II Men song is playing in your mind the whole time you're reading this, like it is as I'm writing. We were home tonight just in time to see all of our neighbor's own versions of a fireworks display as the clock struck midnight. As I stared up at the lighted sky the whole year flashed in my mind. 2008 was a great year for us. We adjusted to our new home, planned a wedding in six months, got married, spent some great times at the beach, visited VEGAS twice, were blessed with Robert's promotion and made lots of great memories with family and friends. As hard as it is to let all that go, today is officially the first day of 2009 and we're ready. Resolutions? They'll come, still thinking about it! So I'll end with this, tonight ESPN presented their Freeze Frame 2008 Image of the Year:

Whatever, so Tyree catches the ball and the NY Giants win the Superbowl, big deal. Here's what I think should have been the image of the year:

Monday, December 29, 2008

"That's mine and you owe me $5 million!"

We went over tonight to Robert's sisters to play what should have been a nice relaxing game of Monopoly. Remember how much fun we all had playing when we were younger. Well, unfortunately this crazy monopoly guy showed up:

in the form of my very own husband. Unlike me who just plays to have fun he loves to see everyone's bank account dwindling, loves to try and make trades that most often only benefit him and will even on occasion count the number of spaces between the space you're currently on and his next property that has the hotel that will deplete all your funds. That's exactly what happened after our second game and I finally landed on his property only to see the hugest smile on his face and those awful words coming from his mouth "YESSSSSS JENNN, THAT WILL BE 5 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!THAT'S IT RIGHT YOU HAVE NO MORE MONEY RIGHT!!!!" Yes Robert that's right, I have no more money, GAME OVER!!!!

6 Months Already?

Sometime this afternoon we realized that today is our 6 month wedding anniversary. Just Friday we got our wedding album in the mail and fell in love with it. We thought about going out and having a nice dinner but it was too hard to leave the couch. Instead my lovely husband decided he wanted to BBQ for Charlie and I and he did an awesome job! Six more months and it will be a year! Hopefully we'll be on the beach with a nice frosty beverage!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Recap

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas with family and friends. We got back from Vegas Christmas Eve around 9:30, came home to pick up gifts and went straight to Robert's aunt's house. Christmas morning I woke up early to hit up Walgreen's for some last minute gifts. For lunch we met up at his sister's house and spend most of the afternoon there. I did manage to drive out to Mission and spend a couple of hours with my family which was nice. That night we were so tired it was unbelievable. Here is what we got for each other.

Friends of Christmas Days 2-6 - LONG

Well this was a good idea when I thought about it a few days before Christmas and then got a little busy to actually finish. So here it the rest of my friends of Christmas.

Day 2 - LORI
So many people ask us how we met and it always goes back to our minimum wage days at Foley's. We had lots of fun those couple of years and have been friends since. She reminded me of myself in so many ways when I was her age. Over the last nine or so years I've known her I have seen her passion for learning, her strong-mindedness and her growth into the awesome woman she's become.

AKA New Mommy. I think we really hit off right away when she started teaching at our school a few years ago. I love her easy going nature, sense of humor, and how she's always up for happy hour (and how it's ok if it's past happy hour). We have definitely made some fun memories at school, out and even in other people's driveways! We've been work out buddies a couple of times in the past couple of years and her determination to finish a workout or race with all she's got is AWESOME!

Day 4 - STACY
AKA Keebler. Co-worker, neighbor, dog-sitter, but most importantly FRIEND. Like Mariana, Stacy and I first met through work. I realized pretty early on that we had a lot in common and invited her out one night with some friends. We've been friends since. She is so generous, will always drop what she is doing to help a friend in need. Her easy going nature is like no other and when I first met her mom and dad I realized where it came from. I admire her relationship with her parents and brothers and her love for family. She travels more than anyone we know and hope that one day we can visit half the places she's been.

Day 5 - MARI
Although I haven't known Mari as long as Aurora we have just as many if not more memories. We share a love of the beach and spent way too much time and money there five summers ago. It's ok though because that's the summer I met Robert! When shopping she will never tell you not to buy something so if you're into saving money she might not be the best shopping partner. However, she does have an awesome eye for style. Her willingness to give all of herself is unbelievable. There is nobody more important to her than her family and there is no doubt she would do anything for them. I know that one day she will have that big family she dreams of do even more for them.

I met Erica through Marcos a few years ago and was quickly amazed by her not long after when she managed to plan their beautiful wedding in what seemed like a month! I love her sense of style, creativity and close relationship with TARGET and EBAY. She is one of those moms you see with the two adorable kids that makes you think "Ahhh, how cute. I want some too." Then after a minute or two you think well maybe not but did you see that great purse she was wearing? She throws great parties and always gives so much of herself for others.

Friday, December 19, 2008

My 6 Friends of Christmas - Day 1

With the economy the way it is my friends and I decided to partake in a gift exchange. I discovered and we all had fun making our wishlists for our secret elf. Aside from the gifts we exchange, I wanted to do a little something for who I like to call my six friends of Christmas--a little note to tell let them know I appreciate them and our friendship. Each day I'll feature (all randomly)one of my AWESOME friends and why me, an only child can now say I have SISTERS!

Day 1 - AURORA
Just typing her name makes me laugh. The memories we have made over the last 17 years will get us through the next 60 years at least. I love her upbeat personality (sometimes though I think it's borderline ADHD) and will to have fun no matter the time or place. I have never met anyone with a deeper love for Johnny Walker and I'm positive that one day she will own the company. Her strength as a woman is admirable, her giving nature is like no other and her ability to walk into a store and spend money is RIDICULOUS! So even though I'm not her secret elf, may these words serve as my gift to her.

Let's see whose the lucky one tomorrow.

I'm Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

So I've officially been off for Christmas Break for five hours and already I feel my body detoxing itself of all the school related stress! For the last couple of hours I've found myself constantly looking at the clock thinking wow it's only three, wow only five. The next 17 days are going to bring much needed rest and relaxation. Well, that probably won't start until after Vegas!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Well after much thought and about ten different trips to Wal-Mart, I decided to put up a Christmas tree for Robert and Charlie. I knew I didn't want anything too big or over the top, I wanted something different. Although the picture doesn't do it justice, I really do love the final product. I went with a Vegas theme using black, red, and white. For ornaments, I bought a couple of decks of cards and created some winning hands---a full house, royal flush, etc.. I'm hoping the Vegas angels are watching and will thank me when we head out there this weekend!

Another Lopez Wedding

This weekend, we had the opportunity to attend the second Lopez wedding of the year --- Richard and Sonia's. It's always great to spend time with family and friends.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Robert in Charge

We got word late Tuesday night that Robert had been accepted for one of the assistant principal jobs at his campus. I was so excited for him and couldn't be prouder. I know he's going to do AWESOME! When he came home yesterday I asked "So, how was it?" Turns out his first day was full of adventure--a fight, a drug bust and a confiscated cell phone. Wow what a different world we live in at the elementary level. It's a new journey in his career but definetely one that we're excited and grateful for.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Update - For Real this Time

It was pretty late last night when I attempted to update last night. Thought I could get by with the one liner but apparently not. So let me try to get out as much as possible. Well, let's see Robert had an interview this afternoon, we're hoping to hear back with some good news by tomorrow. I'm a huge believer that everything happens at it's own time and for it's own reasons. We learn and become stronger from EVERY situation.
The Christmas season has definitely arrived. On Sunday we spent a little too much money on decorations and lights only to set them up and bring them down within a span of 3 hours. I know RIDICULOUS, but we weren't too happy when we went out that night to admire our work and some lights had already burned out, what a rip off. Anyway on a brighter note I've written my shopping list and have already bought 9 gifts! My goal is to be done by next weekend. We have a VEGAS trip planned the 21st-24th so there's no time for those last minute gifts. It will happen, it has to!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Time for An Update

I forgot how addicting this could be. All it took was one question from Mariana to get be back on and updating.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Get It Done - Go Vote Early

As Mari so nicely reminded me this morning Early Voting started today and runs through next Friday, October 31st. Don't know where to vote click here:

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Yay! It's finally Friday tomorrow! Staff meeting was canceled today. inservice for Saturday was rescheduled and Robert's JV team won again tonight. It's been a long week and that's because we had Monday off, but the weekend is near, come on 3:45. Can't get here soon enough.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Friends, Food and Conversation

Wednesday night Stacy and I treated Aurora to dinner since we were unable to join her at the three other ones she had to celebrate her birthday. It was the middle of the week so we were all dragging a little but boy was it worth it. The food was great and conversation even better. What we do without all the Tippy Tina's, Chatty Cathey's and Debbie Downer's of the world???

Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 1 - Proud

Tried out the Municipal Park today. Didn't realize how pretty it is out there. I asked one of the security guys out there how long the trail was before I started out. "Mile and a half," he said. "Can you make it?" "We'll see," I replied. I headed out and to my surprise made it all the way through without stopping in 15 minutes!!!!! I can already feel the soreness, only way to get rid of it--go back out tomorrow!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

3 Weeks to 7500 meters

Since school started six weeks ago I've been trying to get back into some type of workout routine. I love running, I've always found it to be a great stress reliever. I used to be able to go out in the evenings for a run and go through all the craziness of work and life. It was like the stress, worries and drama was leaving my body stride by stride. I miss that and really want to get back into it but have just found excuse after excuse. Today while looking through a magazine I found a running road map, five weeks to a 5k it said. So I started doing some research and found a little more than a 5k in McAllen on October 25th. That's it. My goal is to be able to survive 4.7 miles in 20 days. The bigger challenge: getting Robert to run it with me and crossing the line before him!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Radisson Opens Tomorrow!

We're happy to hear the Radisson will be opening it's doors again tomorrow. They were so helpful to us while planning for our wedding and extremely gracious the night of during the entire reception. We have so many wonderful memories there, can't wait to get back out there.

Target Card

Ever found yourself laughing in the card aisle? That was me at Target this afternoon with Mariana when she found a card with this on the front, "Two reasons to not vote Republican" and this picture inside:

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Funday

We are so happy Robert isn't having to work on Sundays anymore. Our work week is so packed with activities it's nice to be able to spend time together on Sundays just lounging around. We tend to watch probably too much TV and spend countless hours online but it's nice. Robert loves to BBQ in the evening which is nice I don't have to worry about dinner plus we both have lunch for the next day. Once the sun goes down we know Monday morning is near which means another work week. Oh well what can we do!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


"Anger or resentment is like a cancer, and when you let it go untreated, it will put an invisible ceiling on your future. You don’t know it…but it does."

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Little Education

Last night while visiting with some friends, our conversation turned to politics. While going back and forth on the issues Robert says, "Well I really don't know where either candidate stands, I just hear about them on TV, plus my one vote doesn't matter." WRONG!!! I started to think about the importance of really understanding the issues, so today we are getting educated. Here's a great link, matches you with the candidate you agree with :

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The New Name

Since I've been back at work, there have been lots of "J-Lo" moments. From the secretaries, to fellow teachers, to students, to my classroom parents and even parents not in my class. My kids think it's absolutely hilarious and will often start calling me by "Ms. Alaniz" and then correct themselves halfway through with "Mrs. Lopez." The very creative fourth grade team I worked with the last five years found this picture during one of our inservices at the beginning of the year and insisted it should go on my vision board. I decided to keep it off and just found it today while cleaning out my school bag. Last week I called Dillard's salon to set up an appointment, when I showed up on Friday, the girl behind the counter says "Oh, Jennifer Lopez is here," with a huge smile. "Yes," I replied. "I am here."

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Return of Football

No doubt about it football season has definitely arrived. Robert's work schedule is crazy-- two nights out of the week he's not home until 11!!! Plus Saturdays are half gone due to practice. It makes it hard to set a dinner schedule but what can you do, we look forward to that time together. There's nothing like listening to different sports commentators all day Sunday. Sometimes it seems like the only channels our TV came with are those that show NFL and NCAA games. Don't get me wrong I enjoy sitting in front of the TV and watching some games especially if they include Tom Brady or Peyton Manning but thanks to our DVR sometimes it's the same play over and over while Robert analyzes it to see whether or not he can try that with his team. Then there's fantasy football and the constant checking of scores online of not one but two different leagues. What an obsession! It's funny when you really stop to think about it.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Bye Bye Summer

It's hard to believe our summer has come to an end. Although we both have been up at school working all week Monday is our first official day back so we will try our best to drag out the weekend as long as possible. It seems like only yesterday we were boarding a plane for our bachelor/bachelorette party in Vegas and then a week later taking in the beautiful scenery in Scottsdale. Good times, great memories. Robert has been a big help in my classroom -- moving furniture, putting up things, don't think I could have been ready without his help. Tomorrow afternoon we will go up to his class and test my decorating skills and then later help Lori celebrate her birthday, one more opportunity for good times and great memories.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Last week we spent a few days in San Antonio with Robert's sister. Here are some pics from one of our outings to a Wildlife Ranch. If you've never been out there I've also posted the link to their website. We were pleasantly surprised with how much fun we had.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

After the rain that morning, the skies cleared up and it was a beautiful afternoon. Here are some pictures of our ceremony courtesy of cousin Joey. As one of my other cousins commented "It looks as if they were taken from heaven."

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Yesterday marked three weeks of marriage for us and we couldn't be happier. There hasn't been a day that goes by that we don't talk about what a great time we had at our wedding thanks to all of you! As soon as we get our pictures we will be sure to share them. Thank you for all the good wishes and thoughtfulness.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

When Is My Wedding

When is my wedding
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