Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Trouble is exactly what I got myself into this past weekend when I decided to run in my first half marathon. It all started about a month ago when I read this description of the run on a local website:

Come join us for some fun & fitness on Texas' most beautiful island, South Padre Island! The course is an out & back on the very scenic South Padre Island oceanfront, and is ran mostly on the beach. Tan while you your bikini, swimming trunks, speedos, running gear or barefoot!

Now immediatley I knew I would not be running in a bikini or barefoot but the very creative use of adjectives really reeled me in. We look for just about any excuse to get out to the beach, plus I figured since I've been training so hard with my Team in Training group and have run 13 and 14 miles a few times this run would be like a regular Saturday morning run.

Boy was I wrong! The heat was unbearable, the sand was tough and there was not nearly enough water stations on the route. I think what also got me was that I ate a not so healthy dinner the night before, no breakfast the morning of and forgot my GU for that extra kick. It also didn't help to hear all the relay teams that were there say "those people that are running all 13 by themselves are CRAZY!"

Most of the 13 miles were actually not too bad, it was the last two miles that were killers! My mind was playing tricks on me and just when I thought I was almost done I would realize I wasn't anywhere near the finish line. Although I'm disappointed that I didn't stick to my regular 6:1 interval I am proud of myself for finishing. I know quite a few people who didn't make it all the way to the end. Although this is a horrible picture of the medal I got I just had to post it:


Rebecca Jo

YES!!!! Good for you!!! I did my first half marathon & its a KILLER... I hit mile 10 & thought I was going to die... I literally cried & considered just quitting. but you're THAT close... no one knows until they do one the feelings & emotions of a run like that! PROUD OF YOU!!!!


Congrats on your first half! It is always the hardest but just know that you finished!! What an accomplishment!!!

Twice as Nice

It's funny because I told you my daughter is also running for lymphoma leukemia and she just ran her first 1/2 marathon last weekend too! She had a hard time catching her breath after and she was a bit scared but the next day when I talked to her she had a terrible cold and we think that could have been the reason.
Good for you! You need to find a great place to hang that beauty!


Wow, sounds like quite the race! Sorry it didn't go great, but congrats on finishing!

Lisa Anne

Good job. It doesn't matter how fast or slow you finished, the fact that you finished and even participated for that matter is a feet of it's own. I'm proud of you as I'm sure everyone else is too. It's more then my lazy butt would probably ever do!

Chic Runner

I totally agree with everyone else, it doesn't matter about the it's the fact that you finished it! Great job! :) Sorry it didn't go as planned but you got it done and that is all that matters :)


Great job. I have trouble pacing my run: walk ratio during a "race". I don't know if I could do a half in the heat!