Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Week from Today

In exactly 1 week from today I will take on one of the biggest challenges of my life: running 26.2 miles in the Rock 'N' Roll San Antonio Marathon!!! When I decided to do this five months ago I was so unsure of myself and capabilities. I didn't just doubt my running but also whether or not I would be able to raise $2,500 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as part of Team in Training. Now, only seven days away I know there was no reason for doubt.

Since June, my Saturday mornings have been dedicated to waking up around 4:30 A.M.!!! I know, I know that's insane! I've heard it over and over. The thing is no matter how tired I am, once I arrive to our practice location and see all my other teammates stretching, laughing (yes, it is possible even at 4 in the morning!) and talking about their weeks that tired feeling is replaced with one of confidence, comradery and inspiration. We are all reminded that no matter what our aches and pains may be that day it is nowhere near to what a cancer patient battles with on a daily basis and that we are MUCH stronger than we may think we are.

The friendships that I have created, mental and physical strength that I have gained and difference in helping cure blood cancers will stay with me much longer than a TNT season, they will stay with me forever.

Starting today I'm looking for an inspirational quote each day to get me ready for next Sunday. Here is today's:

"Anybody can do just about anything with himself that he really wants to and makes his mind to do. We are capable of greater than we realize." - Norman Vincent Peale, author


Twice as Nice

Have a great time. My daughter ran a few weeks ago for Team in Training, Detroit. She said it was a very moving experience. The dinner the night before was emotional. It touched her heart as her dad was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2007. Thanks for running!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run

What a great quote!! Amazing that your race is sooo soon.. Smile at the Finish have earned it!


Good luck on your race! It is a huge accomplishment to say you have ran a marathon! I ran my first this year and although one of the hardest things I have ever done, I finished and was so proud!!

Rebecca Jo

You're going to ROCK & ROLL right through this marathon!!!

That's just awesome! Cant wait to hear all about it!


Woohoo!! Good luck!!=)


Running a marathon is on my bucket list! KUDOS!! Have you always been a runner? I will be so excited to hear about it! :) XO

Chic Runner

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited about it for you! You will do great and I can't wait for the race report! Enjoy it!!!!!


Congratulations! You are awesome and inspiring! Love that quote!