Monday, May 24, 2010

The Numbers Don't Define ME

Numbers. They're all around us and haunt us from time to time. Age. Weight. Height. Kids. Salary. And if you're a teacher like I am they can make you or break you when it comes to standardized testing.

This afternoon we received our much anticipated TAKS scores. Teaching came to an abrupt stop so that we could all meet in the lounge and look at NUMBERS. Who passed, who didn't? Who earned commended, who didn't? How we compared to other campuses? Was there an increase or decrease from scores last year?? As awesome as we did as a campus, there was no celebrating.... the NUMBERS weren't what they should have been.

Thank goodness, NUMBERS don't define me. I've never been addicted to the scale or too embarrassed to share my age. Standardized test scores, do not show who I AM as a person or teacher. I don't want my students to remember their TAKS numbers or percentages, I want them to remember all the fun activities we did in class that made the light bulbs go off in their little heads and helped them learn something that will stick with them forever. I want them to remember the times we all burst out laughing in the middle of a novel because of how brilliantly the author had written the story. I want them to remember the times we snuck out for some extra recess as a reward for all their hard work and their teacher beat them at Tag. Experiences like these DEFINE ME, not NUMBERS.



Amen sister!! I couldn't agree more!! We got our Scores on Friday! Our campus did GREAT!!! So glad it's over!!!

Brittany Ann

This shows that you're a real teacher. I hold to these ideals, too! And I'll go down fighting for them! I will not teach to the test, and I will not lower my standards to cater to our country's turn toward the numbers, either!

Good for you!

Rebecca Jo

Amen sister... I try to believe that especially with age!!!

(Good to see you back blogging again!)

Maverick Anthony

I'm with you 100% friend! Your students' will remember what a great teacher they had and all of those moments that stand out, not stupid numbers.

Ms. G

I think you have to utilize the numbers to improve your craft; however, they should not define you as a teacher. Your kids will always remember how awesome you were as a teacher.

Patricia Venkatesh

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