Monday, August 3, 2009

@ the Beginning Again

It is just crazy how fast summer flies by! I can't believe we are at the beginning of another week already and Monday is already gone! Today I ran around getting some errands done. Some Team in Training members and I participated in a bucket brigade fundraiser at a local Wal-Mart yesterday afternoon so I headed to the bank and post office this morning to get the donations posted to my fundraising account ASAP. My recommitment date is next Wednesday and I need to be at 25% by then so I'm going at it full force until then. After that I met up with Aurora for some sushi which was yummy! Then it was off to the grocery store. Robert and I decided last night that we needed to do a lot more cooking around here. We have really slacked off this summer and need to get back into some routine. Part of our plan was to create a menu for the week every Sunday so that we know exactly what to get when we go grocery shopping. Tonight it was chicken tacos.
The rest of the week includes fideo, a Tex-Mex skillet, pasta and some chicken breasts with veggies. I know we can do this, just have to stick to it! After dinner, I joined Stacy and Esteban for a 5 miler. Thank goodness the sun had already set because it was a tough one to get through! I have a training tomorrow and Wednesday---fun, fun, fun!!! It is definitely back to school time!


Melissa B.

Wow, you're an in-shape kinda gal, huh? I'm super-impressed. SITS sent me by...Happy Tuesday!

Twice as Nice

Hey, thanks for stopping by our blog. Like Twin said we have been so busy.
My oldest daughter is also a teacher and running for leukemia/lymphoma. She and her husband (of one year) wanted to raise enough money to run in San Francisco but now I think they will be running in Chicago. How fun! Good luck.


A friend of mine just did a TIT tri this summer and had only great things to say of her experience. I'm so impressed with your determination!!


I was just saying how fast the summer has flown by! Before we know it, it will be Christmas! Agh!


Good for you guys! I have to get back into meal planning SO badly. When I don't have a plan, I end up eating whatever I can get my hands on the fastest... not good!

Good luck reaching your 25% fundraising target!


Oh that food looks so delish!! LOVE mexican!