Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One More Day

Well I have officially been back to work since Monday and already I'm missing my times of lounging around, working out at random times throughout the day, facebooking way too much, and catching up on blogs. I'm so glad I spent all summer doing productive things like that because soemthing tells me it's going to be hard to fit those things in come next Monday. We've spent the last two days sitting for hours in our library listening to the importance of teamwork and trying to align our curriculum. Pure fun I tell you, pure fun! Thankfully tomorrow is our last day of that and we have Thursday and Friday to actually work in our classrooms. Thursday is Meet the Teacher and I'm curious to see who will be walking through my door. At my campus we never see our class lists until minutes before Meet the Teacher which is always somewhat nerve racking. A couple of my friends have asked me if I'm ready for the first day. Same answer to all of them, ready or not come Monday my room will be filled with 27 new, hormonal 5th graders!!!!!!



I like that you get to meet your students before the first day. I am always so overwhelmed on the first day because I am seeing the kids for the first time!


Good luck!


This is the only reason I'm glad I'm not a teacher. Summer vaca letdown. Good luck with everything!

Brittany Ann

Your days sound like mine, library and all! Good luck!


The summer goes by so fast! I'm glad you got to enjoy your time and I hope you end up with a good class.


Oh man- I don't know how you sit through multiple days of meetings- we only have a couple of hours and I still think its too long!

Preppy Pink Crocodile

Good luck with your kiddos! 27 seems huge- do you have an aide? Hopefully you have a great group this year.

Aka Alice

Sounds like my week as well...boring week of meetings. In Cal it's all about the budget (and how there's no money for ANYTHING so don't even ask...GAH!)

School starts Monday...wheeeeeeee!


Enjoy your last weekend of summer!


Hope it went well, having all summer off makes me feel so lazy at times :)


Looks like we have been pared up for another swap and I cannot be more excited! You are a longhorns fan right?