Friday, August 14, 2009

BTS Teacher Swap #2

First off I have to wish Jen from Following the Footsteps a very Happy Birthday!

Today is the 2nd installment of her Back to School Teacher Swap and I wanted to share something that one of my coworkers shared with me a few years back. I refer to them as my Teacher Savers. They are note templates for parents to keep at home and have handy whenever they need to let you know about something or write an excuse for their child. I know that in the 8 years I've been teaching I have recieved notes from home on just about anything parents could find to write on and some of them have not been so easy to decipher! I run these off on colored paper and pass them out at the beginning of the year during Curriculum Night. I usually make about three copies for each family. Since I started using them I have found that not only have they helped me keep track of notes but are much easier to understand! Here they are:

Sorry about the quality of the pictures, had to use my phone. If you would like me to email you a copy of these let me know in a comment and I'll get them out to you ASAP. Thanks and hope these help!



What a great idea! I've never thought of that! I bet the parents love it too!! Thanks for participating again in my teacher swap! I sure hope more teachers share ideas this weekend!!



I would love, love, love to get copies of your letter forms! Could you email them to me at Thanks for the great idea!

Lisa Anne

I would love to get these emailed to me. I'm not a teacher but my brother and his wife are. I don't want to list me email on here, but if you go to my blog and click on the contact me, I will email you back securly.

thank you so much!!

Brittany Ann

Cute! I love this idea!