Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gearing Up

To help with fundraising I'm taking part in a Team in Training group garage sale this Saturday and started gearing up for it earlier this week. I love garage sales but always have to remind myself that the goal is to get rid of things and not stop by others tables and buy stuff. I started going through my closet a couple of days ago and finally made my way to our dressers today. It's amazing how much stuff I forgot I had and how many T-shirts one can accumulate! It turned out to be somewhat of a mini fashion show because every so often I'd try something on, make my way to the living room and then wait for a response from Robert. Some things were saved and others were not so lucky. It was also nice to reorganize the closet and drawers. Hopefully they will stay nice and neat for a while! So far I have 5 bags full of clothes and shoes. It hurts me to price some items at $2 because I know I paid a lot more than that for them but like I said the goal is to get rid of things. Plus all the money raised will go straight to my fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Tomorrow I'm planning on making another run through the closets and drawers just to make sure everything that needs to go does. Keep your fingers crossed for a good turnout!