Friday, June 5, 2009

2 Days In

That's right, I'm currently two days into my summer vacation and my internal school time alarm clock has woken me up by 6:30 AM both days!!!! My cousin who is also a teacher seems to believe that it is not an internal alarm clock but rather a curse. I guess I'll give it a few more days before I decide exactly what it is. Yesterday I kept myself busy most of the day by visiting all of my favorite shops. There's something so peaceful about browsing the aisles in your favorite stores bright and early when nobody else is out or after lunch when everyone is back at work. I found this adorable bandanna and margarita plush toy for Charlie in the dollar section of Target. You can't really tell from this picture but he's chewing on the lime that's hanging on the rim of the glass. Just like his momma!!!! I love this one! It looks like he's had one too many! I'm surprised that he hasn't destroyed it yet and taken all the filling out of it. I'm giving him one more day before I start finding it all over the house!

For dinner we headed over to Robert's co-worker's house for their end of year staff party. They sure do know how to let loose. Today I met Robert for lunch. Since he's an administrator he still has three more weeks of work before his summer vacation begins. After lunch I headed over to the salon to have Tino give my hair some life. Three hours later I walked out with a brighter, much cuter head of hair.I don't know about anyone else but every time I step into a salon and they start working on my hair I immediately get so relaxed and sleepy. By the time I get home instead of wanting to go out and show it off I just want to relax and sleep. Just as I got comfortable my aunt called to let me know they were moving into their new house and asked if I wanted to come over. She was too excited for me to say no so I headed out there. Their new home is custom built and beautiful. Of course there are boxes and boxes of stuff everywhere but it's perfect for the three of them. What I found funny was this: Of all things that MUST be set up today, both my uncle and cousin felt like their new 52inch plasma TV had to be up and ready!!!!!Oh the joys of moving. I'll be back to help them tomorrow after my Team in Training meeting. Since I've committed myself to running a half marathon in November I thought it might be good to be part of a training team. Has anyone ever trained with them before???


Rebecca Jo

Totally jealous! There really is nothing like walking in the store knowing everyone else is working - its more empty, you feel like you can take your time because people arent rushing around you! Enjoy it!

And get the TV set up! That would be the first thing my husband would do too! No doubt!

Tell us about your half marathon meeting! i totally wish I would have joined one when I ran the last one. Will do it next year!