Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hanging On

At this point I'm not sure whose genius idea it was to fill our last three days of school with so many activities but after only one day I was drained. Yesterday I survived a morning of and a whole afternoon of Don't get me wrong I know the kids love these types of days where we spend all our time out of the classroom and they have so much fun playing games and showing off their dance and music skills but as a teacher it's tough. We've never been in school this late in the year and I think we are all just ready to wrap things up. I know a lot of teachers haven't even started cleaning up and organizing their room, guess it will have to get done tomorrow after our Student/Faculty Softball Game and End of the Year parties. (Like I said three days of activties!) Today we are off with 150 5th graders and about 50 parents to Schlitterbahn for one last hurrah! Keeping my fingers crossed that the rain stays away!



I hear ya!! Good luck today at Sclitterbahn! I can't imagine taking a bunch of 5th graders to a water park! I do remember going there when I was younger! In fact I went there on a Band trip my senior year of high school! Make sure you wear lots of Sunscreen!!

Thanks for the sweet words on my blog this morning!

We can see the light! It wont be long now!!


aww good luck!!! i love how teachers do all this fun stuff, xxooo

Rebecca Jo

The end is almost there!!!

Mrs. T

We still have two more weeks left! We don't get out of school until June 18th because of an entire week of snow days right before our winter break. We were supposed to get out June 11th....

I agree there is a LOT that goes on at the end of the year. My first graders are putting on a play and our 5th graders get to make animated iMovies that we watch at an assembly and vote on. We have field day and a reader medallion day too. It's exhausting!