Monday, June 8, 2009

One Room at a Time

Over dinner one night a couple of weeks ago Robert asked me a very crucial question: "What are you going to do all day in June while I'm still at work?" Now I know he's just a tad bit jealous that my summer vacation has already started and his hasn't so I knew that my answer had to be good. Without thinking about it too much I replied "Oooh, I know. I'm really going to dedicate my time to organize several rooms in here." Well, yesterday I decided to tackle our laundry room first. It was a hodgepodge of wrapping paper, extra sheets and towels and of course the coveted golf clubs that take up way too much room. After about an hour and a half it was Laundry Room 0 Me 1. I did it! I was able to find everything a new home where it all made more sense. Today the battle began with the pantry. It's amazing how much stuff we had in there that was no longer any good. This job took some more time and although I did feel bad about throwing stuff away, it really was of no use to anyone amymore. Now the challenge becomes keeping up with the organization! Tomorrow I'm taking on my closet. AGAIN. I thought I had done this a few months ago but somehow it's back to chaos in there. My aunt is having a garage sale in a couple of weeks so it will be a good time to go through and set aside stuff for that. Let's hope tomorrow the score is DISORGANIZED ROOMS 0 ME 3 !!!!!!



I wish I had the summer off!! Enjoy love! xxxooo

Brittany Ann

My closet is constantly disintegrating into a state of chaos. That's on my list, too, now that school's out for the summer!