Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We Made It

When I left school today at about 4:00, the school year officially ended and my summer vacation officially started!!!! Although today was only a half day with the kiddos it really did feel like a whole week rolled into one. There was a lot of cleaning up, hugs, kisses and tears. I had this same group of kids in fourth grade so we made some great connections and it was hard to see them walk out the door. Last night I spent over an hour writing each ONE of them and their parents a little note of thanks and good luck. It was great to see them open them up and read them today. That's about the time the tears started! On a brighter note, along with all the other activities we had this week, my friend Stacy texted me yesterday morning with a little extracurricular activity that happened at her house. Her text was letting me know "the proposal" had finally happened. We all knew it was coming but didn't know exactly when. I was so excited for her and can't wait for the wedding in December. I must give props to Esteban , her fiance for really making it a true bachelor/bachelorette moment. He went all out with the rose petals, champagne (well sort of) and candles lining the sidewalk?????? WOW!!!! One of our other extracurricular activities was tonight at Pepper's. Our friend and co-worker Mariana is off to Kingsville tomorrow. Her husband had been commuting back and forth all year to teach some classes at the university over there and now that the school year is over they decided to make the move up there. She will be taking care of their baby during the day and then head back to school for her master's in the evenings. I couldn't be prouder of her but will surely miss her! We've had a lot of great laughs and night outs!



Enjoy your first days of Summer!! Today's the last day for students and then tomorrow's mine! I can't wait!

I know what you mean about being a little sad. This year I've been able to work with a few students what were in my 2nd grade class 3 years ago. I feel like I've seen them grow up! Yesterday during the 5th grade award ceremony I found myself tearing up! It will definitely be a bittersweet day as it will be sad to see them leave!!

Rebecca Jo

Oh my goodness...what a proposal...


Wow, what a proposal! Congrats to yuor friend! And congrats to you for your summer just getting started. I always wished I was a teacher so I could have to summer off. Although, teachers DEFINITELY DO DESERVE THE SUMMER OFF with everything they deal with throughout the school year.


I too will miss Ms. Mariana. :{ So when do you want to drive up to Kingsville? lol....soon, since I missed that last night of drinks with her.

Mrs. T

Yay for summer break! I am jealous. We are 9.5 days and counting.

Brittany Ann

So glad we're both on summer! (And sorry it's taken me this long to find your blog! But I'm glad I did!)

And you know, I think we may be more happy than the kiddos!