Tuesday, July 14, 2009

7 Traits that make me ME

I saw this post on some other blogs and was so excited to get tagged by Katie so that I could play along! So here are 7 traits that I think best define me:

7. Patient - As a teacher this comes in handy on a daily basis. I have also found that this helps outside of the classroom too when dealing with other people.

6. Caring - I love to do things for others. It brings me such joy to bring a smile to other's faces.

5. Dedicated - In everything I am part of - family, husband, friends, career.

4. Curious - It's amazing how much time I can spend online looking for answers to random questions that pop into my mind during the day. I'm constantly asking questions and love to learn new things about everything and everybody!

3. Funny - Not sure if others would agree with this but I think I'm pretty funny and love to laugh and have a good time with friends.

2. Stubborn - Not a trait that is always good but I think it comes from being an only child. I try to be conscious about this and "back off" sometimes but I can't say it always works.

1. Obsessive - From time to time I tend to obsess about certain things --- blogging, facebooking, other random things.

I'm supposed to tag 7 other bloggers, but can't choose just 7 so if you want to play along start sharing!


Family Life

Hey there! Email me - I need to get some info. on the MLG swap. I need to get shopping for some fun, fabulous goodies!

I like that you're patient...I need to learn a few things about patience with my two-year old! I'm also obsessive, mostly about cleaning!


Oh my gosh.. so sorry I havent gotten back to you about the summer swap, I have been nuts with moving... please remind me and I will put together your package and email me your address!! xxxoo


Thanks for participating! I love all these blog activities that are going around. Makes blogging interesting and it's fun to meet new blog friends too! Hope you are having a relaxing summer! When do you go back to school?


As your friend, I have to say you described yourself very well. :}