Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wordless Few Words Wednesday

Robert was up bright and early today (4:00 AM!!!) for a fishing trip with his brother and uncle. His brother just bought a new boat and they wanted to go take it for a ride. About an hour and a half after he left I was woken up to see this picture on my phone:

Loved the picture but not the fact that it wasn't even 6 yet! A few hours later just to let me know he's having a good time this appears on my phone:

I was starting to think that all he might be catching was a buzz from that beer but then came this: I'm going to attempt to make some ceviche tomorrow. We have really grown to love ceviche with so many weekends out on the island!
I have to admit my days was not quite as productive as his. I lounged around all day. It seems the closer it gets to the end of our summer break the more lounging I want to do. This evening I met up with my Team in Training group for a hill workout. There's not too many hills around here so we workout here:

That's right, it's a parking garage. In fact it's the biggest one we have around here. Doesn't look too bad but five times up at full speed takes it's toll. Tomorrow we are looking forward to some lounging and maybe a tortilla making party. Random I know.



Mmm...ceviche & fresh tortillas?! I'm coming over!! ;-)

T Sharee

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Val in the Rose Garden

Your husband sounds like mine... always lets me know when he is having fun... esp when he knows I won't approve. ;)

Was your fish dinner good? I never know what to do with fish.