Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wednesday Already?

Wow, these summer weeks are just flying by! I can't believe tomorrow is already Wednesday. We've had a crazy last couple of days.

Saturday after my run I was at home trying to recuperate when I get a call from Robert letting me know they had taken his grandmother into the hospital. Apparently Friday night she started feeling all the symptoms of a heart attack. Now she's a STRONG women and is not one to complain so for her to make the call took a lot. Robert's aunt takes her to one of the local hospitals only to have one of the nurses tell her she'd have to fill out a stack of paperwork and wait for her turn to be called. By this time the pain was even worse and there was no way she was going to wait there. They decide to drive over to the McAllen Heart Hospital and thank God they did because they took her right in! After a series of tests it was determined that her main artery was 100% clogged and bypass surgery was scheduled for first thing Monday morning. Like I mentioned earlier she is a strong women and made it through the surgery with flying colors! When we went by tonight to go see her we joked about how she is a "model patient." Usually after this type of surgery patients spend a few days in ICU. Not her, she went straight to a recovery room. Although we know there is still a lot more recovery for her we are so glad she is doing soooo great.

In the midst of all this we also drove down to the beach Monday afternoon to bring back our RV. Our last day for the summer was scheduled for this Thursday and we had planned on spending this week there but with everything going on with his grandma we really wanted to be home.

Thursday I am off to Austin for a few days to attend a conference. Funny thing is tonight while running out on the trail by my school I bump into my principal. I asked her if she was ready for this conference and her response was just like mine. We both feel like this conference will be great but it also means we are headed into school mode soon. :( Tomorrow I need to do some major cleaning up around here and finally get that pedicure I've been craving since Saturday!!!!!



I am sorry to hear about Robert's grandmother. I am so glad she is doing well. I totally know what you mean about these summer days flying! I really wish they would SLOW DOWN!!!

Have fun at your conference even if that means you have to be in school mode!!

Family Life

I'm sorry about Robert's grandma, but so happy to hear that she's doing so great! Well, regardless of school starting soon, have fun at the conference and be careful! See you when you get back!


Im sorry about the gma!! aww.... and its weird you say the week is flying by I think its dragging!! xxxoo

Rebecca Jo

Look at g-ma tackling a bypass surgery! Pst to ICU... love she's so strong!

How aggravating though that the one place boggles people down with paper work... get them in & make sure they're OK ... its not like they're going to leave hooked up to everything... drives me nuts!


Sorry to hear about Robert's grandma but glad to hear she is doing great and will recover strong!

This week is flying by to me! I wonder my days go when I look back...

...Mrs. Southern Bride...

Sorry to hear that but I hope she is doing much better!

And enjoy that pedicure!


I'm so sorry to hear about his grandma.
I do love how the weeks fly by, hurry up weekend!!

pocket full of pink

Your blog header is beautiful!


Wow, I'm glad to hear Robert's grandmother is doing so well- good thing she caught it quick!


Glad your grandma seems to be recovery so well! That is so scary.

Have fun in Austin. And I think I may follow your lead and get a pedicure. Who cares if I have 8 toenails?


So sorry to hear about grandma. Hope the recovery continues to go well.


I hope that Robert's grandmother continues her speedy recovery and that everything is okay.

Good luck with the conference and I hope you get some time to relax soon!


Hi Jen,

Check out my latest post, I am giving you the "One lovely blog award"



pedicures are a way to my heart lol.. and i feel like summer has just flew by!


Aw sorry about his grandma, she is in my prayers!