Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tortillas & Technology

Since some of my friends are teachers and others are not we really look forward to summer because we can spend more time together. This summer we have tried to fill our days with pure randomness. Take today for example. We decided it was time we all learned how to make HOMEMADE tortillas. One of my friends' dad had someone come over and teach us from start to finish how to prepare a hot, yummy, tortilla. Here are some pictures:

It took us a while to learn how to roll the dough into just the right size and no they did not all end up in perfect circles but like Stacy said "it's about the taste, not the shape." Until I can roll a perfect shaped tortilla I'm going to agree with her. Aurora ran to the corner store while we continued rolling the dough and picked up some avocados and fajitas. It turned out to be a great meal.

After dinner Robert and I drove down to Best Buy and scored one of these:

Our desktop is just about dead and so we decided it was time for an upgrade. So far we love it! Tomorrow we are off to the beach. We are trying to get as much time as we can out there because next Friday Robert is back to work. Until then we are focusing on sun, sand and fun!


Michelle I want fajitas and it's not even 9am yet! ;-) Homemade tortillas are the best!

Have fun at the beach...I wish I was there!

Rebecca Jo

OH MY... that looks & sounds yummy! And yeah, who cares if they arent perfectly pretty... its the yumminess factor!

YIPEE for new computer too!


Oooo I've always wanted to make my own tortillas, looks so fun!

Thanks for visiting my blog, I've added you to my reader so I can follow along as well! :)

Family Life

Have lots of fun, take pics and post when you get back! Started shopping today - yipee!


Did you notice our friend on her phone in that pic? lol....that was lots of fun and they were super yummy!!

Martini's @ Five

I came across your blog randomly... I was visiting some cute blog with cute picture frames and I saw "Jen and Rob". I used the be the Jen in "Jen and Rob" til I left him. Now I have this cute pendant and if you'd like it, I'll send it your way!

it doesn't have the crystals anymore as I reused them! but the pendant is adorable! email me at if you'd like me to send it to you!

Justin and Jenn

Once you have a laptop you'll never go back! I'd love to learn how to make homemade tortillas- were they yummy?


That's so neat! I've wanted to try making my own tortillas at some point. Just looks fun to try and yummy to eat!