Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Recap with a bit of Whining

I can't believe it's almost been a week since my last post! There's been a lot going on and I'll do my best to try and recap it all. Thursday I left to Austin for a three day conference. Austin is such a great town but we were on a strict schedule. Up by 6:00 to be ready by 7:30 each day! Although I learned a lot, it was hard to get back into "school mode." By Sunday I think all our brains were fried which made for a lovely, 6-hour drive back home.

Yesterday morning I had an interview with another district for a 7th grade reading/writing position. I've been looking and hoping for an assistant principal job since last year in my district and decided this summer that maybe my way in would be to teach in another district first and then move into administration. Plus the middle school experience would have been great. Well, the interview went well and they offered me the job. Problem is I'm still under contract in another district. I was hoping I could just be released from my administrator and they could fill the position but instead they decided to keep me until that happens. This morning the other district called me and said since I wasn't going to be able to get released they were going to have to give the job to someone else. Needless to say I was BUMMED! I've been at the same school for 8 years now and really would like a change. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that something else opens up.

Since getting that news this morning I wasn't up to doing much. I think I need a looooonnggg run to clear my head and be ready for tomorrow. New day, new outlook.



That is a bummer! DARN those contracts!! I fully believe that means something else is in store for you! I KNOW how hard it is to wait and wonder! I wish you the best and I hope something else comes along for you!


Brittany Ann

Sorry, hun! That sucks! Hang in there! An AP opportunity will come up somewhere else!


There's a reason for it all!! You'll find something GREAT!! Thanks for the anniversary wishes!! :)


I second what Holly said...there's a reason for it all. You might not know the reason why now, but when you DO things will all make sense.

Hang in there!


Hopefully this year will bring you much more joy than you ever imagined, and you will be so happy you couldn't take the other teaching job!


Thanks for posting your own bio poem! I knew someone would do it! Yay for you.

Is it super hot in Texas right now? We are supposed to have a high of 108 degrees today in Portland!


Jen, I'm so sorry...I can't tell you how disappointed I am for you. I was so sure that this would finally be the break you were looking for. Well, if it helps, we need a new principal for my school...want the job? LOL! I'll keep praying that what you are looking for comes to you soon...:-)


I'm sorry it didn't work out as you'd hoped! Hopefully something will come along when you least expect it!

Family Life

Oh, I'm sorry things didn't work out for you, keep your chin up, and maybe something else will come along. In the meantime, I hope your little swap gift arrived and that gave you a lift! I got yours, LOVED it, and it took me an hour to open everything!! You even thought of Baby Girl! I hope you liked yours too! Cheers!