Sunday, December 28, 2008

Friends of Christmas Days 2-6 - LONG

Well this was a good idea when I thought about it a few days before Christmas and then got a little busy to actually finish. So here it the rest of my friends of Christmas.

Day 2 - LORI
So many people ask us how we met and it always goes back to our minimum wage days at Foley's. We had lots of fun those couple of years and have been friends since. She reminded me of myself in so many ways when I was her age. Over the last nine or so years I've known her I have seen her passion for learning, her strong-mindedness and her growth into the awesome woman she's become.

AKA New Mommy. I think we really hit off right away when she started teaching at our school a few years ago. I love her easy going nature, sense of humor, and how she's always up for happy hour (and how it's ok if it's past happy hour). We have definitely made some fun memories at school, out and even in other people's driveways! We've been work out buddies a couple of times in the past couple of years and her determination to finish a workout or race with all she's got is AWESOME!

Day 4 - STACY
AKA Keebler. Co-worker, neighbor, dog-sitter, but most importantly FRIEND. Like Mariana, Stacy and I first met through work. I realized pretty early on that we had a lot in common and invited her out one night with some friends. We've been friends since. She is so generous, will always drop what she is doing to help a friend in need. Her easy going nature is like no other and when I first met her mom and dad I realized where it came from. I admire her relationship with her parents and brothers and her love for family. She travels more than anyone we know and hope that one day we can visit half the places she's been.

Day 5 - MARI
Although I haven't known Mari as long as Aurora we have just as many if not more memories. We share a love of the beach and spent way too much time and money there five summers ago. It's ok though because that's the summer I met Robert! When shopping she will never tell you not to buy something so if you're into saving money she might not be the best shopping partner. However, she does have an awesome eye for style. Her willingness to give all of herself is unbelievable. There is nobody more important to her than her family and there is no doubt she would do anything for them. I know that one day she will have that big family she dreams of do even more for them.

I met Erica through Marcos a few years ago and was quickly amazed by her not long after when she managed to plan their beautiful wedding in what seemed like a month! I love her sense of style, creativity and close relationship with TARGET and EBAY. She is one of those moms you see with the two adorable kids that makes you think "Ahhh, how cute. I want some too." Then after a minute or two you think well maybe not but did you see that great purse she was wearing? She throws great parties and always gives so much of herself for others.