Thursday, December 4, 2008

Update - For Real this Time

It was pretty late last night when I attempted to update last night. Thought I could get by with the one liner but apparently not. So let me try to get out as much as possible. Well, let's see Robert had an interview this afternoon, we're hoping to hear back with some good news by tomorrow. I'm a huge believer that everything happens at it's own time and for it's own reasons. We learn and become stronger from EVERY situation.
The Christmas season has definitely arrived. On Sunday we spent a little too much money on decorations and lights only to set them up and bring them down within a span of 3 hours. I know RIDICULOUS, but we weren't too happy when we went out that night to admire our work and some lights had already burned out, what a rip off. Anyway on a brighter note I've written my shopping list and have already bought 9 gifts! My goal is to be done by next weekend. We have a VEGAS trip planned the 21st-24th so there's no time for those last minute gifts. It will happen, it has to!