Thursday, February 5, 2009

Date Night Debut, Week ReCap

After browsing several blogs, I thought that maybe Robert and I should try date night. We are so busy with work that even when we do stay home for dinner all we seem to talk about is work. Then its a little TV and then sleep. We made a promise to ourselves that from now on every Thursday (may switch to Fridays once Robert is done reffing basketball) would be our "date night." A night where we go out, have a nice dinner. couple of drinks maybe and really focus on each other and things besides what happens between 8-5. So tonight was date night debut. We had dinner at Logan's with our friends Ernie and Brenda. Food was good, conversation was fun and I'm glad we did it. Looking forward to our next one.

So tomorrow is finally FRIDAY!!!!! It seems that the deeper we get into the semester the longer the days and weeks get. This week was hard. Harder than many in the past. I remember yesterday as we were warming up for spinning the instructor saying "Is anyone feeling stressed?" I was quick to say yes. He said well hopefully this class will help relieve some of that. I spent the rest of the class thinking about my answer (and in pain). Am I really that stressed? Should I be?
The CORRECT answer is NO. I have a job that enables me grow everyday as a person, am married to someone who loves me for ME, have friends I can always count on and a family like no other. So am I stressed? No, I'm grateful. :)



Hope you had fun on your date night!

Hmmm... I actually AM stressed. Maybe a spinning class would help!

Welcome to SITS! Have fun with us!


welcome to SITS, jump in and meet lots of fellow bloggers