Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What Will I Do?

Today was an eventful day at school to say the least. We benchmarked all day and I really do feel bad for my little ten year olds who have to sit there all day long trying to finish up their 44 math problems. Just doesn't seem fair. Witnessed two events today with parents that really made me ask myself what will I do if my children are ever in that situation.
Event 1: Student has hard time staying quiet while testing. Student is talking, humming, being disrespectful to others and at times walking around. Rest of class is losing focus. Teacher asks student several times to stop, others are testing, not another word please. Student responds "word" and smiles. Again teacher asks for no more noise to which student says "noise" and smiles. During break teacher calls parent, parent talks to student. Some change in behavior but not much. Parent comes to pick up child and class can hear the yelling outside. What would I do?
Event 2: Seems student forgot to do math homework. Parent comes to pick student up and asks teacher if all homework was turned in. When teacher responds no, all can see anger in parents face. Parent yells at student in front of all which then leads to argument between mom and dad again in front of all. What would I do?

It's a tough question, but I hope I always remember to be respectful and make sure that my kids really understand why I'm disappointed or upset. Should they be afraid of their parents? Events above just didn't seem right.