Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Biggest Loser and RHONJ

Although I haven't watched the 3 hour finale of the Biggest Loser (must do tomorrow) I did just visit the NBC website and saw that Helen is the winner. Wow! I thought for sure Tara had it in the bag. Then again did you check out those guns and teeny tiny waist on Helen??? From what I gathered online it was a total of 140 pounds. That's amazing! I can't help but wonder though what happens after the cameras are off and Gillian and Bob are gone. She seems like a tough (heehee) woman though,she'll be fine. All of them are just so inspirational. When they ran that marathon last week I cried every time one of them crossed the finish line. What an accomplishment!

What I did watch tonight was the Real Housewives of New Jersey.(Did I miss the RHONY reunion??) Loved it and am hooked. I thought Dina looked familiar as soon as I saw her and then remembered her and her husband from an episode of Platinum Weddings. It all started to make sense. Can I just say that some of those women scare me. Really. I would hate to cross some of them in any way. The teasers they show at the end of the episode are so full of drama! I love it!


Rebecca Jo

You'll have to watch it to see what you think.... I thought Helen looked AWFUL! Her hair looked thin, her skin was sagging - she looked gaunt... she looked malnutrition & unhealthy! Seriously! I was sad for her! She is 117 lbs!!!! Too thin!

Tara & Mike looked FANTASTIC! Ron even looked great!!!!