Monday, May 11, 2009

The Root of the Problem

So today I had root canal #1 performed and so far so good. I was surprised by how quickly the endodontist and his assistant performed the procedure. They took me back as soon as I got there and had everything ready to go. All day I had prepared myself for a long, painful couple of hours at his office and I'm so glad it was the complete opposite. I was in and out in about an hour! 6 hours later (an episode of the View, Oprah, the news, a bowl of soup and all my maximum votes on Dancing With the Stars) the numbness has worn off and I'm so glad I'm still doing fine. Now although I'm grateful for their attentiveness and gentleness at the office, I still don't understand why these procedures are so expensive. How do people without insurance do this? I've been in and out of dentists' office for the last month or so and on a once-a-month teacher paycheck it's not easy even with insurance. The cost for a root canal at his office is almost $980!!!!!!!!! Just typing that ridiculous number makes my tooth ache. Thank god my insurance covered 90%!!!!! Two weeks until the next one! I better start saving.



I'm so glad you did well with your FIRST root canal and I'll pray you do just as well with the other! :D Thank goodness for insurance, right?! Since my son had to have 2 root canals and three crowns the dentist did it all in one day so he wouldn't have to come back! Children seems to do better with things like that than we do! :) I'll be sending your package in a day or two! YAY!!

Rebecca Jo

See... I tell everyone - they are not bad at all!!! And you go to a specialist & you are in & out QUICK!

But yeah.. WOW - the bill! That's great you have good insurance! I still have to pay a minimum of $500 for each one I have had... & I've had like 7.... egads!!!!


Glad it went well! It is insane how much it costs to go to the doctor/dentist these days—even with insurance. I feel so bad for those without jobs and/or insurance!