Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Time Is Near

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That's right my crazy idea four months ago to get 5 of my friends to get togther and run a relay marathon is now only a day away. Tomorrow after work we will drive to Corpus, squeeze ourselves into a room at the local Holiday Inn, enjoy a pasta dinner maybe, and then say our prayers before going to bed that we all make it quickly safely through our leg. We are still a little unsure about exactly how we are all going to get to our starting points but I'm hoping that when we pick up our packets tomorrow, the race officials there can clear things up for us. Tonight I decided to go out for a quick four miler since I knew I definetely wanted to take tomorrow off. It was nice to go out while the sun was still out for a change. I'm going to try and do that more often and make get a little sun while working out. I also worked on cleaning up the house since I won't be here tomorrow and don't think i'll be up for it on Sunday. Isn't funny how taking a trip to get away sometimes creates even more work for us???



Good luck! I just started running about 6 weeks ago! I told someone I would do a 5K with them over a Martini! The problem? I wasn't a runner! So now I have about 4 weeks left to get my butt in gear!

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Good luck on your run and be looking for your package too! I mailed it out yesterday! :D

Rebecca Jo

YOU GO GIRL!!! You totally got this in the bag!! Let us know how you do!!! Rest up today!


Wow - good luck tomorrow! Hope you do well. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Catholic Runner

Good luck! Have fun!!

Tania Reynaert

I had a bit of a chuckle when you said...a quick 4 miler,LOL. Nothing quick about that for me!

I wish you the greatest of luck tomorrow, how exciting!

sfely is a great way to finish, but I wish you a win on top of that! :-)

Tania from Sits :-)

Dorkys Ramos

Good luck on your run! I was just able to jog for a couple blocks without wanting to die the other day. I was so proud of myself and now here you are running for miles! Have fun :)

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