Sunday, May 3, 2009

What a Sunday!

I'm so glad I got to bed early last night because we had a full day today! The long run I wanted to take this morning didn't happen in the A.M. Instead we enjoyed breakfast at his grandmas. As we walked in they were already starting to clean up but she took our "breakfast order" right away. She is so good to us! On the way home we both decided that we needed to get our chores done today. For Robert that means cutting the lawn, for me it's laundry, picking up and MOPPING! I hate mopping but am so glad I got it over with! We decided to reward ourselves for our hard work by going out for lunch instead of making something at home. The rest of the afternoon was spent browsing the aisles of Tuesday Morning and Target. We have some graduations, baptisms, and communions coming up so the search for gifts was on. We ended up with a couple and a some cute ideas for the others. After I got home I decided it was time to make up that long run I missed this morning. I met Aurora out for a run and it was just what I needed. I set out with a goal and made it and she did awesome too. I ended up running 8.15 miles! I'm sure I'll be hurting a little tomorrow but it's so worth it.



Glad you enjoyed your Sunday! I had to do chores yesterday too! Which pretty much consists of the same thing as you! I did feel better after it was all done!!

Only 4 more Mondays for me! Well technically if I don't count today it's only 3 Yippee!! I can't wait until Summer!!!!!!!

Rebecca Jo

Look at you!!! That's fantastic!!! You got to have Grandma's breakfast and shopping and then a HUGE run? HIGH FIVE TO YOU!

Catholic Runner

WOW 8 miles!!! Way to go!


I've never even WALKED 8 miles at a time! WOW! LOL Good Luck on your root canals! Hope they go as smoothly as my son's did! :)