Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's Just Sad

Jon and Kate plus 8 is one of my favorite shows so when I saw last night's season premier being rerun tonight I couldn't wait to watch it. About 5 minutes into the show it was just too uncomfortable to watch. Yes, I have heard the rumors and seen the tabloid magazines but to actually see the two of them on camera trying to explain what their family is going through now was tough. I'm sure this is not how they wanted to have to deal with the situation so why continue taping then???? There's no ignoring that there are major issues they are all having to deal with. The parents don't seem to think it is affecting their kids but I don't buy it. It has to. I think that was the hardest part to watch during the show, the shots they had of Kate and the kids and then Jon and the kids. It was clear they are not the same. At the end of the show they asked each of them what was in their future and neither one could give an answer. Now, I know it's none of my business but I just can't help to think about how entertaining it used to be to watch the show and yesterday's episode was just so sad.



I have never really watched the show but I agree, the whole situation is sad!

Rebecca Jo

I was heart broken watching it too... when the one little girl hugged Jon & said something like "Daddy, dont go anymore" - I about lost it!

And it was so hard to see them on seperate couches talking about how much they've changed... it definitely wasnt the fun loving cute show it used to be...

My favorite part - the little boy calling a pinata a "Tinata"... how precious are those little ones!


I couldn't agree more. I found myself crying at one part. I have a feeling they are going to get divorced. Neither one of them seems to really want to make it work. Did you see Kate totally ignore Jon as he was talking to her during the birthday party? I totally understand her anger with him, but I think she could've handled that differently in front of everyone at the birthday party.

Kate kind of annoyed me last night complaining about the paparazzi. I'm sure it can get annoying but she needs to remember that she didn't have anything before this show. I feel like she has a totally different attitude and acts kind of bitchy now. I just think she should be grateful for the opportunities that this show gave her and not be complaining so much about the paparazzi. What do you think?

Mrs. T

The radio show I listen to is convinced that their marital trouble is a publicity stunt to elicit more interest in the show...I saw parts of the season opener and if they were faking, they sure are good actors! I can't quite understand why they would begin a new season of the show given recent problems with their marriage....seems like a time when they would want their privacy!