Sunday, May 10, 2009

Birthday Week Recap

Wow, I think this has been the longest I've gone without posting! Guess that's what a birthday will do to you! For my birthday on Thursday I celebrated at our Teacher Appreciation Dinner. It never fails every year this falls right on my birthday so Robert and I always know to make plans for the night after. Thursday was fun with great margaritas, mexican food and karaoke. My group and I took top honors again this year by performing our own rendition of I'm Too Sexy. We switched out the words in the song to include teacher things like being too sexy for lesson plans, staff mettings and after school duty. My prinicipal loved it! Our PTO really goes all out for us during Teacher Appreciation Week. We get an hour lunch everyday with homemade food and desserts and then at our dinner we get these:
$50 to Target---wow, they really love us! Holding on to it for a Garmin watch.

Friday night we meet a big group of our friends for dinner at Palenque grill. The food and drinks are so good there and their service is phenomenal. My friends surprised me with that gorgeous cake. It was soooo good and isn't it adorable????. After dinner we went to a couple of bars for some drinks with friends. They are all so sweet for making it out on a Friday night after a long week. Thanks!

Last night it was dress up time one more time. Robert's school had their prom last night and as an administrator his presence was required. All their kids seemed to have a blast. It's amazing how different they are from my little 5th graders. Biggest moment of the night was when a group of girls locked their keys in their car. Robert saved the day by somehow managing to get them out. They were so excited, even asked him to pose for a picture with them so they could always remember their Senior Prom!

Today the celebrations continue with Mother's Day!


Rebecca Jo

Sounds like a busy weekend!!!!! Hope you've enjoyed it all! And a $50 gift card? WHOO WHOO!!!


Sounds like you have had a blast!! I will have to include you a little something EXTRA in your K&K Swap package since it was your birthday!! Have a great weekend! That cake looks so GOOD! :)


Happy Birthday! It seems like you had a great birthday week!! LOVE your cake BTW!! Too cute! I too had a great teacher appreciation week! My school too goes all out! I do believe though, having an hour lunch everyday wins the prize!! Wow how nice!!

Hope you have a great week! The Sunlight at the end of the tunnel is shinning brighter!!! Yay!

Southern Bride To Be

Found your blog through SITS. Love that cake, how cute!

BLC :o

What a beautiful cake!!! Happy {belated} birthday!!! And, many thanks for entering the swap. Major koodos to your hubs for such a great send-away koozie from your wedding!!! Xoxo-BLC


OMG – that cake looks delicious! I think I'm drooling! Can I have a piece – pretty please? Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Too funny about him getting the keys out of the car and posing in a picture with them!