Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No question is a dumb question

As a teacher I've told my kids year after year that no question is a dumb question but today I think I finally realized (on two different occasions) that unfortunately that's not true. It happened while at the dentist getting my second root canal. Like last time they were all ready for me and took me right in but when he injected the first two shots to numb the area it just didn't feel like it had the first time around. I figured maybe it was just that I was nervous. Well, it wasn't. As he started working I was wincing and tensing up so bad because I could feel everything he was doing. So what does he do? Asks me "Would you like more anesthesia?" Uh, yeah. Good example of a not so good question. The second occasion happened at home with Robert. I casually threw out that an airline was running a special on flights to Vegas. I then asked him "Should we go?" That's right, a dumb question and I realized it as soon as I asked it. Robert LOVES Vegas and immediately I saw his mind working. He ran around and found the laptop and started researching dates, times, hotels and even worked on a budget. I'll be more careful next time I want to tell my students no question is a dumb question.


Rebecca Jo

I would have slapped the dentist in the face & Said "Did that hurt?" - to give him a response back to his question... hehe!!!

AKA Alice

Hi! I followed your "following link" on my blog.

I could totally relate to this post. I used to tell my students the same thing, but over the years I adjusted it somewhat to say that not ALL questions are good ones. For example, raising your hand to ask to use the restroom in the middle of a presentation is just not a good question...GAH! (high schoolers...)

I never try to be brave at the dentist. The minute I feel ANYTHING, I scream. I'm sure my dentist doesn't appreciate that at all.