Monday, May 25, 2009

A Much Needed Long Weekend

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all the brave men and women who have fought and are fighting for our country and for us.

Well we are officially back from paradise (the beach) and it was so great to have a three day weekend. We got to spend some much needed time with family at Ethan's baptism, some R&R at the beach, some nice color thanks to a beautiful day yesterday, and even managed to get in some running along the way!

Saturday was so busy and started out pretty early. I woke up around 6:20 to make my 7:30 5K. I didn't stay around to get my official time but judging by how far I got on my playlist I'm thinking it was between 26 and 27 minutes. There were some really fast girls out there and I did my best to keep up. After that it was on to the baptism which was a very nice ceremony followed by lunch at Carinos.

Although we got to the beach a little later than expected on Saturday we were still able to set everything up before the sun went down. We enjoyed a great dinner courtesy of Stacy, her parents and Esteban. Their setup was awesome with tons of food, drinks and even live music. The firework display was one of the best we've seen yet! Yesterday was such a great day out there. Some of our friends had their jet ski out on the beach and we were lucky enough to take it out for a while and have some fun. For dinner Robert threw some steaks on the grill for the three of us. That's right, even Charlie got his own cut!

It's always so sad to come back but with no school today it should be a short and quick work week. We have a field trip planned for tomorrow and lots of other activities the rest of the week. Summer is closer and closer and I can't wait!