Friday, April 24, 2009

3 Weeks Early

Wednesday afternoon right after school let out I received a text message from my sister in law that their new baby girl Lexi had decided she was ready to meet the world. Her due date wasn't scheduled for another three weeks but she was in labor! We waited all night to hear word and finally yesterday morning got the great news that Lexi had made her arrival. Since they're in San Antonio and we're not the first pictures we got to see were wall photos the proud Daddy posted on Facebook! She's too cute. Since I'm an only child I had never been an aunt until last June when we got married. We have been blessed with a new nephew and now niece in a span of only three months. Both beautiful and healthy! I had my friend's cousin make the cutest name frame for her (pic below) for her a while back and hadn't got around to sending it out. I kept thinking no worries I have time, at least three weeks. Apparently babies don't follow the same time schedules we do! Since she beat me to the due date, guess I better get that to them ASAP.