Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Are the Prayer Candles Lit?

Well tomorrow is finally our last TAKS test of the year!!!!! Today we attempted to get in one last review but both the kids and I are all SCIENCED out. We did manage to get in a good hour or so which isn't bad. With hopes and prayer they should WILL do great! Since this will be their last test at the elementary level and I'm sure they're tired of hearing me tell them over and over how important this test is I asked their parents to email me a note of encouragement and support so that I could include them in their TAKS Survival Bags tomorrow. You see the day before the test I usually tell them that on test day when they "think" they're done (for some this comes way toooo soon) and are about to raise their hand and say "Mrs. Lopez, I'm finished." to imagine their Mom or Dad right next to them. I tell them to imagine what their parents might say. Things like "Are you sure you took your time and checked your work?" For most of them this is enough to keep them focused and on task on test day. The response from parents was AWESOME and so cute. I know their faces are going to light up when they read them tomorrow. Wish us luck and keep us in your prayers! :)