Saturday, April 18, 2009

Running Skirt Ahead

If you read my previous post I wasn't too happy this morning about running a 10K but glad I got over it and finished. As we were waiting for the race to start I spotted a cute girl all decked out in her race outfit: pink NIKE tank, pink Ipod, and cute pink running skirt. She caught my eye because I've been thinking about investing in a running skirt for a while but hadn't really seen anybody run with one on. As the race started she took off while I lagged behind. My goal was to keep up with her but as I got into mile 3 it seemed impossible. The pink skirt became my inspiration and motivation. Mile 4 running skirt still ahead. Mile 5 pink skirt still ahead. Finally when I see the end in sight I pushed myself until the pink skirt was closer and closer in sight. Finally I passed the skirt and ended up ahead by about 3 minutes!!!! Final time 59:19!!! Thats a personal best for me for a 10K! My reward: thinking a running skirt is in my future!


Rebecca Jo

HOLY COW! What an incredible time!!! You go girl!!!

My mini marathon is next week... I just noticed the time we have to be there 6:00 am... oh heck... I'm dreading it now!

Maverick Anthony

My sister runs in a running skirt. She loves it! You should get one!