Sunday, April 12, 2009

Back to Reality

Friday after the garage sale (went really well!!) I drove out to the beach to meet Robert ans spend a couple of relaxing days out there. It's funny but as soon as I drive into Port Isabel this calming and relaxing feeling comes over me. For us the beach has really become our home away from home, a place to leave our worries behind. Charlie and I drove over to Boomerang Billie's to have lunch with Robert. I think they were more excited to see each other because they spent the next 5 minutes they spent chasing each other around. We enjoyed some lunch and drinks at the bar and then headed out to the park. That evening a friend of ours invited us over for some BBQ and we spent the rest of the night talking and laughing. The next morning I woke up around 8 to make sure I got a run in. I ended up running about 5 miles and the weather was great. Sun stayed in and there was a nice breeze the entire time. For lunch we stopped by Daddy's for their famous fried shrimp. Although it was a chilly afternoon we still made it out for about an hour and enjoyed doing some people watching. We ended up back at our friend's for more food and fun. Today it was back to reality. After being home for a couple of hours we headed over to his aunt's for a late lunch. The food was soooo good and it was great to see our nieces enjoy hunting for eggs and looking for people to crack them on. With all that food this weekend going out for a walk tonight was sooooo necessary. Luckily Aurora was up for it to and we ended up making it through a 4-miler. Tomorrow I'm off to the dentist for my second visit. He's going to start working on one of my molars tomorrow so I'm hoping I survive the pain!!!



The beach sounds amazing. I don't exactly live near a beach. But I'm not complaining. I don't exactly have a beach body. LOL!