Sunday, April 26, 2009

Some Spring Cleaning

Earlier this week Robert came home from work and told me he was feeling like he could never catch up with all the paper work his job entails. I suggested that maybe he should consider going in on the weekends for about an hour to try and catch up. It took a while for the idea to set in but he finally agreed that I was right. Apparently he went in the next day and told his principal he would be showing on on Sunday and she thought it was a great idea, she even suggested he try and get a couple of the other males to come in to and work on their messy disorganized desks. So this morning we headed out to his school for what should have been an hour except when I walked into his office I found something like this:
I turned to look at him and he was standing there with a frown on his face and puppy dog eyes and said "I told you I was having trouble staying on top of things." Needless to say that one hour quickly turned into three. While he worked on getting caught up on credit recovery and attendance paper work, I organized and filed the stacks that were cluttering all his workspace. We even set up his new mini fridge and stocked it with some goodies for those busy days he can't even leave the office for lunch.Here he is after I we finished working: Better, much better!


Rebecca Jo

Oh... I so badly need to do some MAJOR spring cleaning to my office too!!!


How sweet of you to go and help him out! I am sure with it being clean he'll be more productive!

I am curious, what does your hubby do? I know he works in education but it's obvious he's not a teacher!

Hope you have a great Monday! I realized this morning I only have FOUR more "real" Mondays until Summer!! Woot woot!!

Good luck this week with the Science test!


You are too sweet for helping him! I sure would have let my husband do it all by himself!! LOL NAH! :D I left you an award on my blog! :)