Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nothing to Cry About

Saturdays have really become our "go out and get things done" days around here. This morning I was up by 8 because I was due for a long run. I set out for 4 miles but it was such a cool, breezy morning I ended up going for 6.5. To reward myself I stopped by Old Navy and Starbucks on my way home. By the way if you're a fan of Old Navy and you haven't checked out you must. Every week they offer great coupons (40, 50% off a single item, etc...) and we all know their prices are already awesome. After my two pit stops I dropped off my car to get one of the back windows tinted. You see a week ago I got in my car to discover someone had tried breaking the back passenger window. It was completely shattered. Upon closer inspection, it looked like either a small rock had been thrown at it or possibly a BB. Thanks to GEICO it was quickly replaced on Tuesday. From the tint place we drove over to Sprint to get Robert's new phone checked out. Turns out he got a lemon, many of the functions weren't working and thankfully he was able to walk out with yet another new phone. Up next was the carwash. No sooner had we walked in the door did my phobe ring letting me know my car was ready to be picked up. Back out we went. After resting for about an hour we drove out to Weslaco to attend their annual OnionFest. Basically it was a chance to see how many different food items people add onions to (tacos, hotdogs, hamburgers, baked potatoes, fajitas, brisket, and lots of onion blossoms) and cool off with some frosty beverages. Robert and I both enjoy spending time outdoors and although it was sooooo hot it was nothing to cry about. We had a great time and the food was great.Note to self: Next year don't forget the breath mints! Finally after watching some basketball games at his cousin's we are HOME!!!!!! Time for bed.