Sunday, March 15, 2009

Golf, Shopping & BBQ

The title pretty much sums up our Sunday. We woke up early to take advantage of the free breakfast here at the hotel, enjoyed a little TV and then headed over to his sister's. Robert and his dad had a 2:20 tee time at the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort. From what I heard in the car it's supposed to be one of the best places to play. Here's a pic:

I guess if you're a golfer that picture is awesome and says a lot about the course.
While hubby was away playing golf I decided to to do a little shopping on my own at North Star Mall. I was a little worried about getting there by myself but Robert gave me great directions plus it's kind of hard to miss with these two right out in front:

I had really been wanting to visit the Limited and wasn't disaapointed. They had some great stuff. After the mall I made a visit to Target. I was so excited when I found these:

I've been wanting something for either side of our flat screen tv on the wall in the living room and these might just do the trick. The price was ridiculous. They were on sale for 9.98 a piece! We wrapped up our day at his aunt and uncles with a family BBQ. The ribeyes were great and his cousin's ER stories were better than an episode of Grey's! Tomorrow is the 16th and that means the beginning of Miles for Monika. If you haven't heard about this click the button on the right sidebar to learn more about this wonderful project. My goal is to be able to log in at least 20 miles. I'll keep you posted.



wowzer on those boots...amazing!

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Rebecca Jo

Hey... thanks for stopping by my blog for the challenge!! it's been fun meeting new people... I love your blog... very charming! Going to mark to follow right now! Come back & visit me sometime.

Ryan Ashley Scott

Wow, those are sooome boots! Good deals and interesting sights - what more could you aks for? ;)

Our Crazy Life

Stopping by from SITS to say Hello! Great blog, I will be stopping in from now on!


Congrats on being a featured blogger today at "Following the Footsteps." I look forward to reading your blog and getting to know you better.


I am coming over from Jen's place. I see you are making it through Texas. I use to live there. Great site. Have a fun time on your trip.