Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday in S.A.

Today was our first day in San Antonio and boy was it full of activities. After breakfast this morning we got ready and headed over to my sister-in-law's baby shower. The food was yummy (I'm hoping to post one of the recipes tomorrow)and the gifts were adorable. She's expecting a girl so there was lots of pink and "oh, how cute" as she was opening her gifts. Apparently, I'm really good at word scrambles because I was the first to finish the ever populay Baby Word Unscramble! After the shower we headed back to her house to help unload the goodies and then headed out with the hungry husbands for a late lunch/dinner at Saltgrass. More yummy food. We decided to rest for a couple of hours and then hubby and I went on a search for a TJ Maxx in the area. I was so excited to find one but since the men's section wasn't too appealing we ended up leaving.:( On our way to the next store we passed a SuperTarget. The next bit of conversation was funny:
Me: "Wow, that must be like heaven. I could go in there and get all my shopping done at once."
Robert: "Jen, it's just like Wal-Mart. You could do all you're shopping there too."
Me: "You don't understand. When I walk into Target everything just feels different."
Robert:"That must be because EVERYTHING in there is more expensive. It's an EXPENSIVE different feeling."
Me: "You just don't understand."
The only other store we found ended up being Ross. Sure you can dress for less there but you always end up having to digg through piles and racks because they're so MESSY! Apparently I'm also a good digger because I managed to walk out with a new pair of Nike runnning capris and a couple of tops.