Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Today was my big appointment with the dentist and the news was not good. From what he saw on my x-rays he's thinking I'm going to need 2 root canals plus some additional work! Now this was not new to us, the last time I was there (too long ago) he advised me that I was probably going to need 1 root canal in the near future. Did I listen and schedule my appointment? No, too scared! Today that's not an option and he wasn't letting me leave without confirming out next "date." My first one is scheduled for a few weeks from now but already I am nervous. The last time I had a procedure like this done was when I had my wisdom teeth pulled out over 7 seven years ago. The pain was horrible and as soon as I heard the words "root canal" come out of his mouth everything seemed to be moving in slow motion and I immediately remembered what the pain felt like. I think my wallet must have also felt the pain because from what I understand these types of procedures can be pretty pricey. Moral of this story: listen to your dentist.


Rebecca Jo

Girl - any question you have, let me know...I've had like 6 root canals... maybe more - I'd have to count.

Its NOTHING like getting your teeth pulled!

Honestly, if you are having pain - its awesome - as soon as its done, you feel no more pain in that tooth!!!

The only bad thing about a root canal is the time - it takes awhile & your jaw will be sore from holding it open a long time - otherwise, it really is nothing... & I'm a wimp!!!

You'll be just fine!


That sounds miserable. I'm sorry!

I am Harriet

Stopping by via SITS to say hallo.
Have a great day!


I've never had a route canal. But it doesn't sound fun. Yuck!