Sunday, March 8, 2009

La Isla Bonita

Robert, Charlie and I all love the beach. We met there 6 years ago, have spent the last five summers there and were married there last year. For the last month we have been trying to get out there for a weekend but it hasn't worked out. Today it finally did. He had plans to play basketball with friends and I wanted to get a long run in today, but instead we decided to drive the hour out to the beach and are so glad we did. The weather was great, the food at Daddy's was delicious and we beat the Spring Break crowd! After lunch we drove by our reserved spot at Isla Blanca Park for the months of June & July:

This is where we park our RV for the summer and leave all others worries behind. We also had to stop at the old Radisson Resort, where we got married 8 months ago for a drink at the:

I really believe these are the hands down the best margaritas around:

On our way home we made a stop at our actual wedding ceremony sight, the historic Port Isabel Lighthouse:

One more pic before leaving:

Can't wait to go back!


Maverick Anthony

It's so hard to get to the beach during the school year. I'm glad ya'll got out there.