Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Blues

This morning was hard. The Monday Blues were VERY EVIDENT in our house today! Too tired and way too sleepy to begin the week. I dragged all day long and was so glad when 4 o'clock finally came around. We had an early dinner today and just as I was dozing off on the couch while Robert played Call of Duty the alarm goes off on my phone reminding me today was Day 1 of fitness bootcamp. :( I changed quickly and headed out. I've done this camp before but it had obviously been a while because it didn't take long before I was gasping for air and reaching for my water bottle. Aurora decided to join me for this session of bootcamp and I'm glad because I might have just skipped out had I known no one would be waiting for me there. I thought that maybe all those push-ups, sit-ups, sprints, lunges and running I'd be able to kick those darn Monday blues but no such luck. right after my shower I headed straight to the comfort of our bed. Tomorrow is a new day and normally I'd be glad about that but guess where I have to be at 9:00 AM ---- THE DENTIST! I have a feeling there's a root canal somewhere in my near future. I'll be sure to say my prayers tonight, I'm going to need them.


Rebecca Jo

That comic is cute! And if it comes to a root canal - dont sweat it.. they really dont hurt! Just hurt the wallet... I swear, I fall asleep each root canal I have!!!