Saturday, March 28, 2009

Look What I Got

This week Robert joined the Fit Train and decided to get back into running. Although he had only been out to run three times this week I somehow managed to promised him I'd treat him to breakfast convince him to wake up really early this morning, drive to Mission and do a 5k with me. We were a little worried about the weather but it ended up being a beautiful morning and we both had great runs. The course was tough, very uneven and even took us through a wooded area which was full of twists and turns! For the FIRST time ever I finished before him with a time of 28:04. Having only run three times this week Robert did awesome finishing in 30:00. Since there wasn't too many people there I really wanted to see how I fared compared to the other women. We waited for the results and in my age group I finished first! Here's the medal to prove it:

Energized from the run we went out and ran errands for the rest of the morning. This afternoon it was housekeeping time. For me that meant dishes,laundry and cleaning up. Robert had it a little tougher I think he did yard work at 2 in the afternoon in the Texas heat. Thank God for A/C!