Saturday, March 21, 2009

To Share or not to Share?

That was the question on our minds for a couple of hours this afternoon. Unbeknownst to me yesterday while at the livestock show my husband signed us up for a timeshare presentation today at the beach. Now, we LOVE the beach and head out there anytime we can but I was a little leery about this 90 minute presentation. I even had a dream about it with tons of people trying to pressure us into buying something. Robert tried to ease my mind by telling me we would get a free lunch out of it, a $150 gas credit, and possibly even a cruise for only $64. We arrived at the resort a little after one and thankfully it wasn't too bad. The salesman wasn't too pushy, lunch was good, and they understood that this deal wasn't right for us at this point in our lives. As we walked out of their sales office with our gas credit and cruise voucher we both felt a bit more knowledgeable about timeshares and confident that we had made the right choice. Since we decided not to share our time and money in a condo, we're thinking about possibly investing some money in a new travel trailer instead. We've already seen a couple we like and hope that when we arrive at the beach in a month or so it will be with one of these attached to our truck:



don't timeshare. i've had two before and thank GOD sold both. crazy huh. they get you in there with drinks, food, etc and BRAINWASH you into thinking it's the best thing until you get your maintenance fee invoice.....

Jen and Rob

yeah that's $600 extra we also didn't want to deal with.