Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's Official

On May 16th, we will be in Corpus Christi running the Beach to Bay Relay Marathon!Although we had talked about running this event before, we had never really "committed" ourselves to doing it. This afternoon I visited the B2B site and noticed that early registration would be closing in the next couple of weeks. I sent out an email to my friends with the basic info on the race and the following reasons why I thought this would be something we had to do:

1. Great way to show up the significant others.
2. From that day forward we could technically tell people we ran a marathon.
3. Summer and swimsuits are just around the corner.
4. I hear they throw a nice party for everyone afterwards.

They all responded with a yes! I'm hoping that this will be an awesome experience for all of us and can't wait to start looking for matching race day outfits. Well at least T-shirts. I did some searching online and found a couple of funny sayings:
---Friends don't let friends run marathons.
---In my mind, I AM a Kenyan.
---(front) Registering for the B2B Relay Marathon ... $138
(back) Finishing the B2B Relay Marathon ... PRICELESS
---"Does this shirt make my butt look fast?"



love it. back to running manana!!! u are truly my inspiration!!!

Rebecca Jo

Thats great... I'm running a mini in 4 weeks & have been looking for ideas for a shirt too!!!

Maverick Anthony

put me down for the one: Friends don't let friends run marathons please!